Full Cycle Development

Cyborn is a game production studio based in Antwerp, Belgium, with a multi-talented team of developers, artists, animators and engineers. We cover the full spectrum of game development including motion capture. We are specialized in VR/MR game development and ports, from concept to final product with a strong expertise in both Unreal and Unity engine. We have experience with Quest2, PSVR2, PCVR, Pico, HTC-Vive and most other the stand alone headsets.

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Technical & Final Animation

Cyborn is highly skilled in 3D Character animation. Our portfolio includes successful collaborations on multiple AAA-game titles, like Horizon: Forbidden West. Cyborn can provide comprehensive support in every phase of animation, ranging from motion capture to the ultimate game outcome. Moreover, we have advanced knowledge of technical animation, allowing us to aid in rig enhancement and the resolution of advanced animation issues.

VFX (Houdini & Niagara)

Cyborn possesses comprehensive expertise in game visual effects (VFX). We specialize in Houdini and Niagara, enabling us to craft intricate destruction simulations and export them as game-ready assets. Additionally, we can apply a secondary layer of VFX in-engine by utilizing Niagara. Our proficiency in both high-end graphics and porting graphics to mobile systems, such as the Meta Quest 2, is a testament to our experience in the field.

Unreal Engine Houdini Cyborn AR VR Serivces Belgium

Digital Humans & Rigging

At Cyborn we take great pride in delivering high quality digital animated characters. These life-like characters can be used as digital doubles in your movie or game, but can also be your digital ambassador linked to a chatbot. We provide both facial and body animations and are also experienced in more cartoony characters.


Cyborn has accumulated substantial experience in developing complex 3D models, spanning from small props to characters and vehicles. Our proficiency in this domain is showcased in our most recent game production, Hubris. Here, you will discover a multitude of highly-detailed and realistic assets, all of which were created in-house, from concept to textured in game model.

Concept & Design

Cyborn boasts a highly skilled in-house concept team that is capable of taking rough ideas and transforming them into comprehensive model sheets, which are ready to be used by the modeling department. Cyborn has extensive experience working on concept designs for various games, movies, and apps. Specifically, for our own game production Hubris, we created all of the concept designs in-house and utilized them to model all of the props within the game.


The team has a substantial experience of working with Unreal Engine & Unity. We design algorithms and create custom engine tools in C++ and other languages. Our engineers create advanced gameplay systems based on the game designers block out or design brief. R&D is key at Cyborn , we are constantly researching new technologies and innovating our internal pipeline.

Unreal Engine Unity

Body & Facial Motion Capturing

Cyborn has an in-house motion capture studio equiped with a state of the art Vicon system for body capturing and a Faceware system for facial capturing. Our 30 camera system covers a surface of approximate 60 sqm (expandable if needed). The props & set building can be handled inhouse or provided by the client, the same counts for actors & directors. We can deliver both raw as fully cleaned mocap data. We also deliver data cleaning as a separate service. We have over 10 years experience in professional motion capture , data cleaning and retargeting.

Projects we worked on

Horizon: Forbidden West - Burning Shores

  • Final animation
  • Motion capture cleaning

Horizon: Call of the Mountain

  • Final animation
  • Houdini destruction simulations
  • In game Niagara VFX

Horizon: Forbidden West

  • Motion capture cleanup of over 7000 minutes humanoid animation


  • Full cycle development VR-game
  • Based on own original IP
  • Everything was done in house
  • From Concept, to final product in Unreal engine
  • Published on Steam, Meta-Quest and Playstation VR 2


  • Full cycle development mobile-game
  • Based on exisiting clients IP
  • Everything was done in house
  • From Concept, to final product in Unity
  • Published on Google Play and App Store

Mobile applications

  • Over 20 different mobile applications published
  • Using AR and VR features
  • Star wars and Marvel IP
  • Built in Unity
  • In studio made 3D models, animations and effects
  • Published on Google Play, App Store and Microsoft apps store

Erasmus Hospital training

  • Full Cycle development VR training application
  • Based on pictures and scans of hospital and nurses
  • VR-training for childrens hospital
  • Built in Unreal Engine
  • All models, characters, animation and logic made in house


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